Buying Per Diems

– Per Diems are spot price per ounce plus $2usd per coin (plus S&H).

– To calculate the cost of coins: Multiply the spot price by 0.10 then add $2usd. Multiply this number by how many coins you want. Or just email us and we will do it for you.

– Minimum order is 5ozt.


Trading Silver for Per Diems

– We also do trades at 6 Per Diems per 1ozt traded, each party pays their own shipping.

– Traded silver must be .999Ag minted coins, or minted bars of full ounce increments from 1 to 10ozt  per piece with no foreign substances on them. (Think: generics or pieces you no longer want). We do not accept silver strikes or any pieces with other metals on, in, or around the silver.

– Minimum trade in is 5ozt.

– Please email us to discuss how to start a trade and what you are thinking of trading.


Email for ordering, trades, or any questions you may have.