“Of the 1000’s of ounces of silver in my stack my Per Diem’s are some of my favorites… Great job Bill!”

-Customer Comment on Youtube  – See Comment Here

“I now have 200 of these beauties and just wanted to thank you for the results of your fine work.

Thanks again for such a great product Bill!”

-M. A. From Nova Scotia

“Hi Bill, my coins arrived yesterday and I’m still trying to get my head around them to some extent, they were just completely outside my experience.

They weren’t different to my expectations, I didn’t have any as such, I just had no clear picture of their size, impact, anything.

They look like a bag of silver smarties. LOL

I love the concept, love the coins.”

-Bruce From Australia

“I have just opened them now and they look fantastic.

Thanks for your very professional manner, I’ll recommend you to all I meet.

Cheers mate.”

-Bruce From Australia after receiving his second order